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In Store Music

Let customers know about your promotions and store events and avoid interfering messages from your competitors.

When you have In Store Music at your place of business you have control of the listening environment.

The only thing your customers will hear at your store is the music you have selected and the messages you have asked us to write and record.

In Store Music gives you total control of everything your customers hear while they are shopping.

The music you have selected is the only music playing on the In Store Program. Every so often your customers will also hear one of your informative messages

This is the next best thing to owing a radio station! Better still, you have the only radio station on air!

Your customers will not be bombarded by music with crude lyrics or political diatribes.There will be no mood-busting negativity or fake news and best of all, no competitor advertising.

Along with the music your customers will only hear the announcements and promotional messages you want them to hear.

There could be a short message to reinforce your advertising campaign for the month. Perhaps you want to add some POS impact to a seasonal sale.

You might have a regular supplier create a special offer just for your store and use your announcements to publicise the activity. It could be a message about new product release.

The messages you include In Store Music give you endless opportunities.

You will be proud of how professional your announcements will sound. Aside from being crafted by our team of copywriters, your messages will feature music and sound effects from our vast libraries and will be voiced by professional voice actors.

All the messages will be recorded at our state of the art studios under the direction of our skilled Producers and Engineers.

Having your own In Store Music program will entertain and inform your customers and help make your place a more enjoyable place to shop.

When you work with our experts, you'll be able to get the right mix of music and messages playing in store.

We will schedule the optimum number of replays and the time of day each announcement will appear within the In Store Music program.

Working closely with our team, you will be able to direct the selection of music.

We have very extensive Royalty Free Music libraries containing music from all genres. Together with you, we will create the playlists for the In Store Music program using tracks in the style of music preferred by your customers.

You may already know the music that appeals to most of your customers.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we know what works. Together we will create a unique ambience for your store using In Store Music

We want to see that you get the most out of In Store Music.

We are confident you will very quickly see the benefit in sales and customer loyalty.

When you begin to talk about those results with others in the industry we will have created a situation where everybody wins

Now, to demonstrate the type of announcements we create, we invite you to listen to a few samples we have produced for various In Store Music programs. Click here.