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In Store Music

An In Store Music program helps create the ideal ambience for shopping.

The music tracks playing on your In Store Music program will be put together by you and our music experts working together.

The music your customers hear will be of a genre they prefer.

The tracks will come from our very large Royalty Free Music library.

You'll be amazed at the number of tracks already available and new music is added every month.

You have a good understanding of your customers likes and dislikes.

We know our music libraries inside and out. Together we will work out what tracks to put in the playlists, but the final decision rests with you.

We generally find that people enjoy being the "DJ" and it won't take long for you to start creating playlists that are tailor-made to appeal to your customers.

We will keep you up to date and review your play lists as time goes by and we will work together to keep your In Store Music program sounding great.

Have a listen to a few sample tracks of our Royalty Free Music, Click here.