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Phone Messages

After Hours callers should hear a message advising your trading hours and when their call will be returned.

A business needs an After Hours Message to avoid the problem of having the phone go ringing on and on.

It's most annoying to the caller and immediately creates the impression that you are not a professional organisation and you care little your customers.

Probably a worse mistake is having an After Hours Message that sounds like it was knocked-together in a hurry by one of your co-workers.

Your After Hours Message should be treated as a chance to reinforce your company image as professional and customer-focussed.

It should tell the world that your company is serious about its business.

Whether the call is from established customer or a potentially new piece of business both will appreciate the information included in the message.

You also want them to be left with a favourable impression about your business.

You will make an even greater impression when your After Hour's Message has all the hallmarks of a professional production.

It should have been crafted by a specialist Copywriter, spoken by one of our male or female professional voice over artists and recorded in our digital recording studios.All for a much lower cost than most seem to realise. A fact you will discover when you request a free quote.

The pace of business in today's world dictates the need to make the most of every minute in a day. The After Hour's message is another way to help make the most of your time even when you have gone home for the day.

Beyond answering the out of hours call, your phone system may have the facility to record a brief message from the caller.

Your After Hours Message can invite the caller to leave a name, number and the reason for the call as well as reassuring them that you will return the call.

It's always in your interest to leave a positive impact with your callers. They already enjoy or may be hoping to enjoy the experience of being your customer. When the experience is a good one they may well brag to their friends and colleagues.

When we are preparing an After Hours Message we follow some basic directions.

The first thing is to thank the caller for calling. Then we include the company's normal trading times. If the phone system permits recording a brief message from the caller and you offer to return their call, always make sure you follow up.

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Here's a sample After Hours Message: Thank you for calling (add company name here), but unfortunately you have called outside our normal operating hours and we are closed for the day. Our opening hours are (mention the hours of operation). Please call back during opening hours. Alternatively you can leave a brief message with your name and number and we will return your call when the office re-opens. Leave your message after the "beep". Thank you

This example is for a Medical Services After Hours Message: Thank you for calling (add the name of Doctor or Medical Centre), however you have called outside our normal opening hours. If this call concerns a medical emergency please hang up now and dial 000 to request an ambulance. Otherwise please call back during our opening hours which are (list normal opening hours). If you wish to leave a brief message with your name and number we will return your call during normal opening hours. Please record your message after the tone.