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Phone Messages

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Here is a risk free way to check the quality of our work. Right now you can order a FREE sample On Hold Message that will be written, professionally voiced and recorded especially for you.

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We'll begin with a brief to one of our Copywriters. From there we'll develop a script. Then when we are happy with the wording we'll proceed to recording the message.

We will select a suitable male or female voice over artist from our stable of professional voices and record them at our recording studio.

After the voice is recorded we will mix in some music and any sound effects indicated in the script. The music will be chosen from our library of Royalty Free Music.

After mixing the voice, music and SFX we will send you a link so you can go online and listen to your FREE sample On Hold Message. It is just that easy.

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You can look forward to receiving an Messages ON Hold program that will help reduce the incidence of caller hang-ups while enhancing the company's quality image and reinforcing your commitment to customer service.

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