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Messages on hold

Phone Messages

When callers are waiting, Messages On Hold help avoid losing business.

The best way to impress customers and lower the rate of callers putting the phone down while they wait in a queue is to have a quality program of Messages On Hold

Often the first contact a person has with a company will be over the phone. So it's vital to make a favourable impression because that first impression is the one that really counts.

We have all been through the horrible hell of a bad On Hold experience.

They range from being left in "deadly silence" - hello is there anybody out there?

To the mind-numbing torture of those ghastly chimes or computer generated "elevator music".

Some organisations simply take a risk by connecting a CD player or plugging the radio into their telephone system. That means in Australia they are legally obliged to pay annual fees to APRA and PPCA.

Then of course there are the penny pinchers who believe a DIY job is good enough. They never count the cost to their sales figures or damage to the company image.

The end result is a badly worded, poorly recorded boring announcement that has probably been voiced by somebody in the office who got railroaded into the job.

However we won't let you settle for second best. As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we create Messages On Hold programs that are expertly written, professionally voiced and produced in our own quality recording studios.

When your telephone system is playing one of our Messages On Hold programs your callers are presented with an image of your company that says "quality is important to us."

The result is that both existing clients and potentially new customers immediately feel better about doing business with you.

A well-produced program of Messages On Hold will go a long way to reducing the number callers who might hang-up and ring your competition.

The Messages On Hold program should also keep callers interested with short announcements informing them about your products and services as well as any special offers. In between the messages they'll hear some entertaining music.

Your Messages On Hold program helps show your customers that you have their interest at heart. You can highlight promotions and product launches or send a Christmas greeting with advice about changes to trading hours over holiday period.

Messages ON Hold help reinforce your company's professionalism and provide confidence in your products and services.

It is also important that you keep your program of Messages On Hold relevant and up to date. So any updates need to be done easily and quickly.

When it's time to update your On Hold Messages program, whether it's a single message or a few at the same time, our system lets you do the updates online. Just follow the prompts at www.mediagroup.com.au

A Messages On Hold program that's been professionally written, voiced and produced will help you get the jump on competitors by making the most of your company's telephones.

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