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Phone Messages

On some phone systems you need an external unit to replay your Messages On Hold program.

While new telephone systems can usually replay Messages On Hold from on-board memory, older systems will probably need an external player.

An ideal unit for this function is the MOH 1200. Over the years it has proven to be one of most popular external players available.

The very compact MOH 1200 is simple to operate, extremely reliable and comes with a 3-year full warranty.

The MOH 1200 replays messages using a standard USB thumb drive or memory stick.

This system allows for easy updating or changing the outgoing messages by simply swapping the thumb drive. This is very handy at holiday time or when daylight saving hours are being observed.

When the time comes to change or update any messages simply remove the USB stick from the MOH 1200 and insert it into a PC or Laptop.

You will receive a link to go online to our website so you can download the new messages to your computer. With the new messages loaded onto USB stick you simply have to put it back into the MOH 1200 and turn on the power.

The MOH 1200 comes with operating instructions, power supply and an audio cable.

Your telephone technician can easily install the MOH 1200 and connect it to your telephone system to replay your Messages ON Hold.

The unit has an in built speaker to check that your messages are playing correctly.

There is an external volume control you can use to adjust the replay level that callers hear over the telephone.

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