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Phone Messages

Create a great first impression with a well scripted, professionally voiced Welcome Message.

How your telephone is answered tells a caller a great deal about your company.

Existing customers will be familiar with your business and the way the phone is answered will reinforce their opinion of your operation. Hopefully they have a good impression and your Welcome Message is reassuring of your professionalism and customer care.

When potential new customers call you have only a few seconds to begin demonstrating the level of professionalism and customer care that existing customers have come to expect.

It's in these first few seconds that the importance of your Welcome Message comes to the fore.

It is vitally important that you present the kind of image you want for your company.

Your Welcome Message needs to be well written and read by a professional voice artist. The recording needs to be clear and free of distortion or distracting sounds.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, we understand the important role a Welcome Message plays in setting the tone for your organisation.

You should be seen as professional and business minded, but also warm and approachable. The welcome should sound genuine.

When you place an order for a program of Messages On Hold we include the Welcome Message as part of the package.

Your Welcome Message will be supplied as a separate file in the format you request and ready to be loaded into your company telephone system.

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These samples of Welcome Messages are included for your reference.

Sample script for a Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (insert your Company Name and core product/service description or slogan) Please stay on the line and a member of our friendly team will be right with you.

An example of a Welcome Message for Medical Services: Welcome and thank you for calling (here insert the name of the Doctor or Medical Centre) If this call concerns a medical emergency you are advised to hang up now and dial 000 to call an ambulance. If there is no immediate medical emergency, please stay on the line and a member of our team will be with you shortly.