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We have skilled and experienced Copywriters to help ease your workload and get your message across.

The next time you need a script created don't panic and run about the place! Save the hours of anguish. Call on the expertise of the copywriting team at Media Group.

Our Copywriters are keenly awaiting the chance to create the script that will best achieve your objective and communicate your message.

Writing good effective copy doesn't come easy to most. It's a craft that takes learning and practice.

Copywriting is communicating using an economy of words. And writing for the spoken word is very different to writing for a print medium.

Our Copywriters understand and know how to achieve the impact you desire to get you message across to your target audience. They have been trained to appreciate that voice artists don't just read words.

Professional voice over artists inject an unwritten elements into to a script through their use of devices such as inflection, tone, speed and the deliberate pause.

Appreciating how an audio script communicates becomes an essential part of effective copywriting and our writers are ever-ready to exploit the tricks.

When you require a script for use in radio, television the internet an e-Learning project or the telephone we have the Copywriters for the task.

Send us your brief telling in a few lines what message you wish to communicate and we'll get down to preparing a draft script immediately.

Someone at your organisation may have already started working on writing the script. Or you might be updating or amending an existing script. This sort of material should be included with your brief.

Send everything you believe will be useful for our writers.

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