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Using a professional voice talent on your Corporate Video will greatly enhance the production values.

Too often what could have been a really great Corporate Video winds up as a second-rate production just because of a poor voice over and an equally poor soundtrack.

It totally undermines all the effort that went into creating great imagery.

It's a problem that often plagues Corporate Video production. And it doesn't have to be that way. Not today when you have the option to choose the most suitable voice over talent from our pool of professionals.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we can help you avoid similar voiceover and sound recording disasters with your next Corporate Video.

We provide the easiest and most idiot-proof method to choose the most appropriate professional voice over talent. A voice that totally suits the mood and quality you desire for your precious video.

Everything will be done online from the convenience of your desk, or coffee table.

It all happens in three simple phases. Audition, Quotation and Demonstration.

We start with the Audition. In this phase you get to listen to existing samples of our pool of professional male and female voice over artists.

Start listening to voice samples online now. Click here.

After hearing the voice samples online and having narrowed your choice down to your favourites, ask us to prepare a free, no obligation quote.

You might be pleasantly surprised how little it costs is to have professional voice artists read your script.

Ask for a Free Quote to use the professional voice(s) of your choice Click here.

So you have received our free quote, the price meets your budget, what's next?

Let's assume you think everything is in order, but you want to be 110% sure that the voice talent you have chosen is definitely right for the job. No problem.

This is the time for you to request a FREE DEMO.

This is where we record a demonstration of your selected talent reading a sample of your very own script.

The FREE DEMO means you can confidently evaluate your decision and know you have selected the right voice talent for the job.

All you need to get your FREE DEMO is send us a copy of the script online and ask us to provide a recording of your chosen talent reading a sample from the script.

When the recording is done we will send you a link to go online and listen to the FREE DEMO

To arrange a FREE DEMO to be read by the voice talent of your choice, Click here.

OK it's all lined up. You have the listened to the FREE DEMO and the choice of voice is settled. Assuming the quote is within budget it's time to get on with producing the finished audio track.

The recording will be done at our studios in Queensland.

The Media Group studios are at Nerang on the Gold Coast about 40 minutes' drive from Brisbane or 20 minutes up the M1 Motorway from Coolangatta airport.

We give you the option to direct the session in person at our studio or do it "remotely", that is via the telephone.

We set up a three-way phone connection with you, the studio engineer and the voice talent. It's the next best thing to sitting alongside the engineer in the control room.

Of course you save time and travel costs but you will miss our in-house espresso!

As an alternative you can leave it to our experienced Producers to direct the session on your behalf.

You only need to brief our in-house Producer we will go ahead and supervise recording the voice tracks for you.

Most people choose this option because our Producers are very experienced at working with the voice artists. It is also the most cost effective way to record.

When the voice recording is done we will send you a link to download the best takes to assemble the finished voice track at a studio of your choice.

If you prefer, we will undertake to complete the audio track according to your brief and then supply the final mix.

The mix will include any music or sound-effects (SFX) you have requested. These will come from the Media Group libraries of effects and Royalty Free Music

To discuss the best way to locate the right voice and record your audio track for your Corporate Video,click "Let's Chat" on this page.