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Our professional male and female voiceover artists of all ages are experienced in all genres and styles of delivery.

Choosing the voice or voices for a single commercial or an entire advertising campaign is a most critical decision. Your choice can make or break the project.

Make a good choice and everybody hails your success. Get it wrong and you could be out on the streets looking for your next contract.

But choosing the right voice isn't as difficult as it once was. These days we bring the voices to you.

You no longer have to go all over the place to hear what voices are available. We've put the whole process online. You don't even have to change seats.

Now you can do everything from the comfort of your desk. In fact you can do it down at the beach: You can audition voice samples, arrange quotes, and even request a demo via your PC, Laptop, smart phone or mobile device.

You can begin auditioning voices right here.

Listen to the sample recordings from our catalogue of professional male and female voice over artists.To hear samples ofour professional voice talent, Click here!

Having made a selection of your favourite voice or voices, the ones you think might be ideal for your radio campaign, ask and we will provide you with an online quote free of charge.

To arrange a your no obligation, FREE QUOTE online Click here.

We have an extraordinarily wide scope of professional voice artists on our books.

We have male and female voice talent of all ages from kids and teens to adults and seniors.

Are you looking for a comedic style of voice? Or some really serious sounding voice talent? Maybe you need a hard sell sound, or something light hearted. You can be sure we have the voice you are looking for.

To make sure you have made the best choice we go one step further.

We will prepare a FREE DEMO with your chosen voice talent.

Don't be left in any doubt. Provided your script or number of scripts will exceed 60 seconds running time, we will make arrangements for your preferred voice talent to record a short sample read using some lines taken from your script.

In order to have your chosen voice artist(s) record your FREE DEMO you need to forward a copy of your actual script. We will organise the recording.

After the voice is recorded we will send you a link so you can go online and listen to the FREE DEMO.

You'll be able to listen over and over to feel certain you have chosen the right voice for the job.

Why do we make this offer of a FREE DEMO? Simple. We are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the audio specialists, so we know how important it is to choose the right voice for every radio spot.